04 March 2013

#ootd 2nd march

#ootd High messy bun-dress light denim-brown country hide bag-black creepers, That's so amiee walau. It has been definitely a long time since I blogged a post, to be precise I have been away for 1 months. It’s like every time I feel like posting on my blog, the eagerness is there but when I look at the screen, thinking what to type… my mind appears to be empty, i just ran out of words to express. Yes, just like that. Like right now, i have nothing major to update but I’m typing what’s in my mind. My life is boring now, but I am happy because so far my life is doing good. Next weeks we going to moving to our new house yehaaa i'm so happy for that. So i'm going to be super fucking busy next weeks. So many thing have to do at our new house. I hope everything gonna be ok soon.
Look my tummy is getting bigger right ? Nah i think our babies 8 months already walau. Ok that's all for today seriously i got nothing to say right. Hahahaha bye
See, I told you, my life is merely perfect